Why Muslim Women Wear Hijab

Why Muslim Women Wear Hijab

The hijab is a veil worn by most Muslim women. It covers their head, chest, and sometimes face. It is worn as an identity. An identity for several Muslim women. Modesty has always been a significant part of Islam. There are a lot of assumptions on why Muslim women wear hijabs one of them being that it is in order to protect women from harassment. It is not the only reason as to why Muslim women wear a hijab. The hijab is a symbol of modesty and grace and here are a few reasons why women wear hijab.


One of the reasons women wear a hijab is to retain their ethnic identity. Muslim women take pride in their identity and adorn the hijab. Especially in European countries where Muslim women were told to dress as per their European counterparts, the hijab celebrates cultural pride. Identity is a huge part of us as an individual and as an entire culture and to maintain that authenticity Muslim women wear hijab.

Modesty meets fashion

\Modesty in clothing has been widely accepted over the last decade. Modest fashion has made a statement of its own and has a huge following too. Women all over the world are adopting modest fashion into various facets of their life. Modest fashion has provided solace for various Muslim women.

Wearing the hijab is a choice, while there may be many misconceptions as to that, over the years with more knowledge people are starting to understand the reason behind why some Muslim women choose to wear a hijab and some don’t.

In the fashion industry

With the ever-evolving fashion industry, there has been the introduction of so many types of trends over the years. There are now fashion styles and trends catering to women from any ethnic background and any occasion.

The hijab in a similar manner has been incorporated with many other Muslim attires in modern fashion. The fashion industry has been seeing more inclusivity and awareness about people coming from various facets. The hijab is a statement of identity. Many women wear hijab for many occasions and not just for religious purposes.

Headscarves have been an integral part of Muslim attire and are said to grow and be a part of the mainstream fashion scene in the years to come. 

There are various other reasons why women wear hijab and there are also a lot of women who don’t wear a hijab on a regular basis and some, not at all. At the end of the day, the decision lies in your hand. Some choose to maintain the sanctity of their religion and some choose to wear it for modesty.

It is important that we just celebrate how accepting and diverse we as a culture have become and be more tolerant towards each other regardless of our clothes, race, or religion