Top 5 Workwear Abaya in UAEHere’s hoping that your workwear 2020 is not fully canceled! Ladies are acquiring office spaces and we cannot be more excited.

We bring you some exciting abaya ideas to relax your nerves at work. These looks are for those of you who are looking to make a transition from wearing a basic abaya to work to more stylish yet sophisticated abaya workwear. This blog is our frivolous attempt to rebel against wearing a basic abaya dress to work and introduce some long-needed changes in workwear abaya clothing.

1. Collar Abayas

Looking for the Monday morning inspiration for work? Your collar style abaya is all set to get you through the day! Abayas are coming in creative collar designs to promote a complete corporate feel and give you the confidence you always wanted. It’s time to update your workwear abaya collection with designer abaya pieces and get a more sophisticated look for your work meetings.

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2. Shirt Style Abayas

A hint of modernity to the aspiring woman in you! Shirt style abaya is the right solution to the modernity you want to achieve with modest clothing. Giving you the right motivation at work, abaya styles are coming in a variety of designs and colors to match the corporate setting at your workplace.

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3. Pocket Abayas

Finally a boon to women’s clothing! Abaya Designs with pockets are a minimalist touches that goes a long way in getting the workwear outfit right. Ladies are already crushing over the pocket abayas and cannot seem to get enough. The eye-catching pocket design abayas are becoming more and more popular among working ladies.

4. Coat Style Abayas

Make a long-lasting impression with coat style abaya as it arrives just in time for your workwear. Coat style abaya for women are the most sophisticated pieces when it comes to empowering women at the workplace. Many women at executive positions are opting for this designer coat style abaya look to embrace modesty while managing their office work.

5. Formal Abayas

Look professional with the collection of formal abaya dress that are chic and classy! Dubai women are breaking free from the basic black abaya and adding their sobriety to the look. Some alteration to the formal abayas with buttons, collars, and sleeves can change your complete look. A formal abaya is a must-have in a wardrobe for every working woman!

What does your favorite workwear abaya dress look like? Tell us in the comment section below!