Abaya, a symbol of modesty and true devotion, has evolved over the years to become prominent in Islamic culture. But have you ever wondered how the concept of abaya transcended to Arabian countries? The history of the Abaya dress goes back 4000 years ago. The attire of lose hanging was normally worn by women to cover themselves. To say the least, the traditional concept of an abaya dress was not as extravagant as we see in the latest abaya designs of today. It was black in color with a loose fit, that was only meant to guard a woman’s chastity.

Do you know that in the pre-Islamic era, the women who were dressed in black robes were considered of high-class status? Abayas were connoted to luxury that was only enjoyed by a few high society women belonging from noble families. It is imperative to see how Islam has treated all women across different class as equals. Rejecting the idea of class supremacy, abayas are now worn by women coming from different social statuses.

Since then, this abaya dress has evolved across the world and gained a fashionable reputation of its own. Traditional abaya for women were mere black fabric draped from shoulder to head. Today, abayas are much more than just a covering garment. Designer abaya have seen an exponential rise under women’s fashion. Where once Arab and UAE were seen as non-fashionable countries, designer abayas are now known to be the ultimate fashion symbol.

A UAE designer abaya does not merely portray fashion, it speaks volumes about a woman’s identity. The Abaya industry in the UAE has given women the choice to practice their own individuality and show the world what they truly stand for. Women in the UAE are opting for more vibrant colors and unique designs for abaya online. Meanwhile, the timelessness of the black abaya dress doesn’t seem to go away.

Muslim Abayas have become a style statement for any modern Muslim woman who loves experimenting with colors, designs, and patterns. The market for modern abayas is rapidly gaining pace among the mainstream clothing business. Just to name a few, Dubai style designer abayas have seen many variations from a kaftan to open abayas for women. All these abaya designs can be easily purchased from online stores.

It wouldn’t be wrong of us to say that Abaya, the national dress of UAE, has over the years seen some sweeping yet fashionable changes of all time.