Latest Trending Abaya Styles in 2020

Modesty never goes out of fashion! The proof is the emerging trends in abaya fashion of abaya for women. From casual-wear abayas to embroidered ones, the evolving abaya fashion is creating modern abaya trends that are easy to carry. However, there are still a few abaya trends that stand out among the others. We have compiled these trends to tell you more about the abaya fashion parade. Here are the top 7 latest trends in abaya fashion:

1. Casual Abaya

Abaya trends are moving towards the concept of more comfort with style. The casual abaya is a prodigy of how abayas can be worn on a day-to-day basis. The casual category in abayas has seen highly popular among online abaya shoppers because of their unique look and comfort. Casual abayas are an easy dressing option when you want to look on fleek effortlessly.

2. Coloured Abaya

Opposed to the traditional black look, Abayas are now coming in different colour variations. And we think that this change was long overdue! More colours are bringing more variety to the customers and promoting latest abaya designs trends in the market. Coloured Abayas are intriguing fashionistas to experiment more with colour combinations and make a personal style statement.

3. Embroidered Abaya

E for embroidery and E for elegance. Embroidered designer abayas are making for serious head turners in the abaya fashion world. The latest abaya designs are becoming highly popular among wearers because of their intrigued embroidery designs and needlework. Not to forget, the contrast color embroidery on designer abayas is a must-have for every abaya lover.

4. Embellished Abaya

Designer abayas are now making their way to customers and we couldn’t be more excited. An embellished abaya can make for lovely occasional wear with just the right kind of accessory. Embellished abayas have entered just in time for party goers who wish to dress modest and trendy. In marriages, the embellished designs are proving to be a hit among the brides to be as well as their fancy relatives.

5. Maternity Abaya

A blessing for feminine fashion! Maternity clothing is coming up with a variety of dresses for expecting mothers. Abayas are joining this clothing range by being the most fashionable cloth for a baby bump. Mothers are relying on abaya dresses for modest and comfort dressing options.

6. Evening Abaya

The perfect addition to the evening gowns with a touch of modesty. Evening abaya is one of the latest abaya designs and a trendsetter of its own! A gown like an abaya can be worn on special occasions and is forever a unique look for parties. Evening abayas are making way to the bridal dress collection because it has just the right elegance and grace that complements the beauty of the bride adorning it.

7. Open Abaya

The modern wear abayas are becoming increasingly popular among women in the west & abaya in Dubai is an all-time favorite. Open abayas are an extension to the kimono look and can be styled with a different range of clothing. The best thing about open abayas is that it can achieve daunting looks with minimum effort. Additionally, Open abayas are also available with detailed embroidery that serve looks.