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Modest fashion style hacks to go for

Style and trends are ever changing and following them is what most of the people do, whether willingly or in pressure. Even though style is essential so is looking modest. In today’s world where the more skin you reveal, the more stylish you are considered, it is essential to find liberation in less skin revealing and modest clothing.

The first thing that crosses everyone’s mind when looking for modest wear is an abaya. By styling an abaya and choosing the right one for your body type, you can look extremely gorgeous and stylish.

Even if you just like to wear abayas to enhance your look. There are certain mistakes that people make with abayas and should be avoided. We have modest fashion styling tips for you to help you avoid any mistakes in future.

1. The size determines how you look

The size of an abaya makes a huge difference to how an abaya looks. An abaya shouldn’t be too short or too long. Ankle length abayas should be preferred as they look the perfect when it comes to lengths. While measuring for the height of an abaya, the measurements should be taken in both heels and flats to get the best fit possible. A flowy abaya should be a preference and not the one that sticks because it may spoil the look.

A slim fit abaya should not be a preference as a regular fit looks much more classy. It can later be tied at the waist to give a better appearance if required. The sleeves length should also end at wrist as too long or short sleeves will give an undesired look.

2. Layering and seasons

Layering up the abayas can lead to a bulky look that is not desired. There is an appropriate amount of layering that can be done before getting a look that gives you a bulky appearance. Instead of layering, clothing material according to the weather can be chosen to avoid too much layering and feel comfortable in the weather.

A light closed abaya with an open abaya can give a classy and appropriately layered look. Similarly different fabrics are appropriate for different seasons. During summers, clothes made of silk, cotton and linen are preferred while a woollen one is used in winters.

3. Detailing and occasions

The details like embellishments, embroideries and handwork can enhance an abaya’s look and make it look stunning. But the same details if done with carelessness can give a cheap and undesired look to the outfit. It is important to check these details with great attention.

Right abayas on the right occasions can add a lot to the look. Casual abayas look good for everyday looks while detailed and stunning ones are for special occasions.

4. Embrace the cliches

The classic black abaya may seem like a cliche but nothing works better than embracing the cliches. Black abayas fade when used a lot, this is when they should be replaced by a new one. Plain black abayas always look good and never go out of style. Black also gives a slimming effect. It is always a go to color.

5. Accessories are your best friends

Accessorizing appropriately according to the need of the outfit is important. It is essential to accessorize the outfit to elevate it’s look. Whether it is carrying a bag with your abaya or a belt on the waist, a simple abaya can look glamorous with a little bit of addition to the look. Wearing a hijab and heels can also add to the entire look.

These are a few modest style hacks that can be kept in the mind while getting ready. It is extremely important to feel comfortable and confident in the outfit you wear because confidence is what makes the real difference. Wearing what makes you confident can help in setting trends.

A variety of abayas are available on to choose from. Order your abayas and style them according to your needs and creativity.

10 modest outfits that have you covered for every occasion

Style is essential in today’s world but so is looking modest. It is essential to keep up with the latest trends these days. While staying trendy is important, so is looking modest. Abayas provide both a trendy and a stylish look.

Many people prefer to buy clothes that can be worn for a long time and at many occasions. People prefer high quality clothes for this reason. We have picked a few outfits for you that are of good quality and look modest as well. These outfits will have you covered for every occasion.

Here are our few ideas-

  1. Black Shamoua Crushed Set With Satin Sleeves

This black abaya is a go to abaya for people who want a variation in their normal black abaya. This abaya with crushed shamua and satin sleeves is appropriate for various islamic occasions and celebrations . It is made up of Shamua fabric that is linen like. This makes it light to carry and ideal for any season.This set is extremely gorgeous and decent. It is ideal for ramadan and can be worn at iftar parties.

  1. Green abaya set with button detailing

Green abaya set with button detailing comes with an underdress and sheila. It is of olive green color which is extremely trendy these days. This color gives a summer and spring vibe and can be worn at occasions that take place in the morning. It is made up of crepe which falls well on the body and is also appropriate for summers. It can be worn with a belt around the waist to enhance the look.

  1. Western Style Coat Abaya

This abaya is brown in color. It is extremely trendy and stylish. The buttons add to the look of this abaya and give it a western look. This abaya made up of crepe is light to carry and is ideal for the season. It is resilient and resists dust and moisture absorption. This set can be worn at various occasions and celebrations.

  1. Pink Rotana Shimmer hand work abaya set with under dress and sheila

The abaya is pink in color and looks glamorous . It is a beautiful and modest set and comes with an underdress and sheila. The fabric is light and looks sophisticated and is ideal for many occasions and festivals.

This is an ideal set for people who want to try something new instead of their old black abaya. It is made up of Rotana shimmer which makes it airy and crispy. It is easy to maintain. This is a trendy design. It can be worn at occasion such as get togethers during the day time.

  1. Rust and Ash Grey abaya

This Rust and Ash grey abaya is extremely classy and easily noticeable from a distance. It is made up of linen and rayon and is therefore light in weight, airy and easy to carry. It is ideal for summers and occasions that take place during the day as well.

  1. Maroon Rotana Shimmer abaya set with under dress and sheila

The abaya is maroon in color and looks stunning. It is a decent and modest set which comes with an underdress and sheila. The fabric is light and looks sophisticated and is ideal for many islamic celebrations and occasions. It is made up of Rotana shimmer and is airy and crispy. It is easy to maintain. This is a trendy design and is modest as well. This set can be used for wearing at iftar parties.

  1. Brown abaya set

This abaya is brown in color. As many people prefer dark abayas but consider black ones too simple, this piece is the ideal one for you. It gives a sophisticated look. It is one of the latest designs. This piece is made of CEY fabric which makes it dry fast and easy to carry and handle. It has print on it that looks simple and adds to the look of the abaya. This is an abaya that can be worn while offering namaz.

  1. peach and white abaya

This peach and white abaya is extremely simple yet beautiful. It is an abaya that looks appropriate for spring wear. The color is extremely soothing and trending. This abaya is made up of 10 G fabric and Organza which makes it breathable and airy.

Organza has been a trending fabric for a long time and is till in fashion. This set has a soft fabric and is airy as well. It looks amazing when worn with heels accompanied with a belt. It is an appropriate abaya for day to day or office wear during the summer season.

  1. Black Chiffon Pocket See Through Abaya

Black Pocket See Through Abaya is a must-have for everyone. This is an extremely trendy design. It is Simple and Stylish with a sleek design. Being made out of crepe and chiffon, it is extremely stylish and looks appropriate for your western wears. This abaya is appropriate for scorching heat during the summer season.

  1. Beige and Black Fusion Abaya

This black and beige abaya is ideal for people who want embellishments in their normal black abaya. This abaya made up of crepe is appropriate for many occasions and festivals. It is light to carry and is ideal for the season.

It is resilient and resists dust and moisture absorption. The color combination looks perfect together. It can be worn to iftar parties as it is fancy along with being modest.

These abayas are the go to wear for every occasion due to their elegance and sophisticated look. These outfits have you covered for every occasion. Buy your abaya from now and choose from a variety of abayas according to your preference.

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