Clothing has been one of the biggest catalysts that have been a part of many cultures. They represent a culture and their customs. A country can be recognised through their clothes. Women in Saudi Arabia have seen the classic black abaya throughout the years. But over the years this traditional attire of middle eastern women has evolved to various new abaya style and cuts to bring about variety. Now, one has various shades, fabric, materials, style, cuts to choose from. From everyday wear to party and gathering events. What are the reforms that brought about these changes? Well, it was not just one but copious efforts put in by numerous people to bring a new era of abaya fashion to glorify the modest and beautiful essence of the abaya.

The timeline of abaya designs and fashion has seen great changes throughout history. Women in the early days embellished their abayas according to the occasion. There wasn’t much to the abayas worn regularly; the only variety was in colours. Come recent times, abaya dress have explored different categories such as dress-like abayas, open abayas, kaftans, etc. The short abayas are common amongst working women for their length and how easy it is to manage without getting caught in chairs or desks. It is not just the general public that is enjoying the flexibility of the modern abayas but designers have a larger canvas to express their art of abaya-making. The farwa for instance has become a staple match for the abaya during winter days. Designers are combining various contemporary and traditional arts to add an element of surprise and excellence to modern abayas. This change encourages young designers to tap into the potential of the abaya and how this elegant attire can be further beautified. A lot of women have also been inspired to wear the now modern abayas. Themed abayas, gown-like abayas, varied silhouette abayas in 2020 there’s an abaya for every occasion. Designer abaya are a favourite everywhere we go. Latest abaya designs keep pouring leaving the buyer in awe of which to choose. With the current market, you can purchase your abaya online or from stores. Abayas in Dubai are pretty common among women because of their style and overall aesthetics. 

As one of the largest consumers in the market, our fashion industry is starting to flourish with the new changes. Programs such as Fashion Commission and national scholarships are being funded to encourage local talents to tap into the booming industry of Saudi fashion. This evolution in fashion is not just reform but a grand move of empowerment and freedom for women. It allows women to explore what they like and feel comfortable in. The ever-present modesty of the abaya remains intact and remains a part of the modern abayas. Abaya for women is a part of our history and will continue to do so. Encouraging women to bring about change through not just certain rights but clothes is a path to empowerment