Rules for Buying Abaya in Winter

How to Shop Abaya in Winter?

With winter knocking at the doors, we not only welcome the season and its festivities but the style that comes with its arrival. Abaya suited for the summer warmth won’t work its charm come winter. What are the rules for buying abayas in winter you ask? Ladies stocking up on the latest abaya designs and style here’s a guide to choosing the right abaya to complement your winter spirit.

The key ingredients in choosing the right abaya for the cold season are:

1. Fabric Material

Modern abayas come in a plethora of materials. Taking the right pick for you can be tough when there’s so much to choose from. Followed by complementing the silhouette of the abaya with the right accessory, you have a lot in your hand. One of the ideal fabric material for a winter abaya style is velvet. The richness of the velvet amplifies the look you’re going for while being quite efficient and durable simultaneously. You can take your pick from designer abaya as per choices. Cashmere and tweed abayas are one of the top choices for the winter season as it conserves the heat while being fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. Apart from the mentioned, wool, corduroy, velour, denim makes suitable materials for a winter abaya as well. As the rule of thumb of fashion states, always wear what you want. Comfort comes first, if the fabric doesn’t sit right you can always change and see what feels and looks best for you and on you.

2. Silhouette of the abaya

Different seasons call for different cuts and silhouettes in an abaya for women. Open styled abayas for breezy warm summer days sure won’t be the right choice for the harsh cold of the winter. Open abayas while largely popular amongst women in the UK, don’t share the same audience for abaya in UAE. The sheer style of Dubai abayas is distinct from that of other abayas. What makes it one of the favorites is its style; minimalist and elegant. Soft yet bold. Providing an array of silhouettes, lengthy abayas for the winter is the right pick. A-line silhouettes are another thing to keep in mind as it allows you to layer your abaya fantastically, as per your taste. Match it up with a pair palazzo or trousers to keep you warm.

3. Color of the abaya

Like fabric and silhouette, color is a key ingredient in styling your abaya for any season. It’s a recipe for the ultimate look that you can garnish with accessories. Darker hues and tones are best suited for abayas in winter. You can never go wrong with the classic black abaya, as the look of a black abaya suggests great panache. Not only that complement the color of your abaya with your skin tone to make the most of your look. Play with the colors to find out what’s best for you.

Make the most of every season. Fashion knows no bounds. So, fit your wear to what they season may entail. Don’t let the cold of the winter stop you.