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8 stylish modest dressing closet essentials

Dubai Shopping Festival

With summers around the corner being up to date with latest fashion trends is an important thing to do. Even though abaya style is essential so is looking modest. When talking about looking stylish while looking modest, nothing comes to mind before an abaya or a kaftan. an abaya is a simple, loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress, worn by Muslim women.

The abaya dress covers the whole body except the head, feet, and hands. Commonly, the abaya is worn on special occasions, such as Mosque visits and other Islamic occasions. A kaftan is a variant of the robe or tunic and is of Asiatic origin. In some cultures, the kaftan has served as a symbol of royalty.

MOiSTREET provides the best quality and stylish Abayas and Kaftans. The variety provided is incredible along with material for every season and occasion.

1. MOiSTREET’s Light grey abaya with hand embroidery

The light grey abaya with hand embroidery is one of the most subtle and stylish abayas available. It is available in light grey color in all sizes from XS to XXL. The hand-embroidery is easily visible and looks amazing. It gives a very elegant and sophisticated look. It is made of 10 G fabric, has a v neck and long sleeves. It is available at AED 296

2. MOiSTREET Maroon Rotana Shimmer Abaya Set with Under Dress & Sheila

Maroon Rotana Shimmer Abaya Set with Under Dress & Sheila is easily noticeable and grabs attention extremely fast. It is available in every size from XS to XXL. It is made up of Rotana shimmer has a v neck and long sleeves. It is available at AED 270

3. MOiSTREET Grey Abaya with Exotic Hand Embroidery

Grey Abaya with Exotic Hand Embroidery is extremely elegant and graceful. It is available in all sizes from XS to XXL. It is made of satin and has a v neck and full sleeves. It is available at AED 399.

4. MOiSTREET Rotana Shimmer White Abaya Set with Under Dress & Sheila

Rotana Shimmer White Abaya Set with Under Dress & Sheila is extremely eye catching and gives a sense of elegance. It is available in all sizes from XS to XXL. It is made up of Rotana shimmer has a v neck and long sleeves. It is available at AED 270.

5. MOiSTREET Samoa Brown Abaya with Tatreez and Handwork

Samoa Brown Abaya with Tatreez and Handwork is an extremely elegant and sophisticated piece. It is available in all sizes from XS to XXL. It is made up of Samoa has a v neck and long sleeves. It is available at AED 329.

6. MOiSTREET’s Grey Shamoua Abaya with Front Pockets and Pleated Trimmings with Under Dress & Sheila

Grey Shamoua Abaya with Front Pockets and Pleated Trimmings with Under Dress & Sheila is one of the most trending abayas available these days.

It has a soft  & breathable fabric. It will give you a very elegant and sophisticated look. This is the latest design Abaya. It is available in all sizes from XS to XXL. The fabric used is Shamoua and has a V neck and full sleeves. It is available at AED 299.

7. MOiSTREET Shamoua Purple and White Pleated Abaya

Shamoua Purple and White Pleated Abaya has a soft and breathable fabric. It is available in all sizes from XS to XXL. The fabric used is Shamoua and has a V neck and full sleeves. It is available at AED 329.

8. MOiSTREET Beige Jacquard Abaya with Sleeves Piping

Beige Jacquard Abaya with Sleeves Piping is a beautiful abaya with extremely elegant design. It is available in all sizes from XS to XXL. The fabric used is Jacquard and has a V neck and full sleeves. It is available at AED 299. These amazing and eye-catching Abayas and Kaftans are available in various designs with different embellishments.

Keep your style quotient high while looking modest and feeling comfortable with MOiSTREET. Free delivery for Kaftan and Abaya in UAE is also provided. Get modern and latest Abaya designs and designer abayas at our website. Order your Abaya online at affordable rates with MOiSTREET.

All these products are available on cash on delivery, are 100% genuine, and are eligible for free delivery throughout UAE. The purchases are also eligible for return and exchange for 15 days.

Modest fashion style hacks

Modest fashion style hacks

Styling clothes can make them stand out and look extremely different. Modest abaya style hacks are useful when one needs to get ready for praying or other occasions. When talking about modest, an abaya or a kaftan are the first things that come into one’s mind.

An abaya dress is a simple, loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress, worn by Muslim women. The abaya covers the whole body except the head, feet, and hands. Commonly, the abaya is worn on special occasions, such as Mosque visits and other Islamic occasions. A kaftan is a variant of the robe or tunic and is of Asiatic origin. In some cultures, the kaftan has served as a symbol of royalty.

MoiStreet provides the best quality and stylish Modern Abayas and Kaftans to help you stand out on every occasion while making you look modest. The variety provided is incredible along with material for every season and occasion. Various colors are also available.

MoiStreet’s Grey Shamoua Abaya with Front Pockets and Pleated Trimmings with Under Dress & Sheila provides a soft breathable fabric and gives an elegant and sophisticated look. It is available in all sizes with a v neck and long sleeves at AED 299. Look adorable with Nida Black Abaya Set with Under Dress & Sheila

It has soft and breathable fabric and has a v neck along with long sleeves. It is available in all sizes at AED 299. Update your collection with pocket embellished abaya.

It is the latest style Pocket embellished abaya and is available in all sizes at AED 239. Shamua Purple Abaya Set with Under Dress & Sheila. Abaya will make you look incredible in a comfortable way at a price of AED 299.

Black Abaya Set with Inner & Belt is extremely eye-catching and will make you stand out. It is available at AED 239 in all size. Rotana Shimmer Beige Abaya Set with Under Dress & Sheila is one of the most easily noticeable sets which is made of Rotana shimmer fabric and is available in all sizes at AED 249.

Leopard print black abaya is a must-have for everyone. It is available at AED 269 in all sizes. Made out of crepe fabric it is available in all sizes to brighten your look. Navy Abaya Set with white under Abaya with Abstract Embroidery gives a luxurious look at AED 239.

Made out of crepe, this abaya is available in all sizes from XS to XXL. Beige and Black Abaya Dress is the perfect pick for any occasion at AED 239.  Linen Abaya Set with Under Dress & Sheila is one of the best choices to stand out on any occasion. It is made of Linen and is available at AED 299.

Yellow Kaftan with decorative hand embroidery is essential to make your closet look stylish. It is made of blended silk fabric and is available at AED 499. Pink Kaftan with Hand Embroidery is a sophisticated outerwear choice at AED 499. White Kaftan with hand Embroidery is made of silk blend fabric and is available in all sizes at AED 499.

These amazing and eye-catching Abayas and Kaftans are available in various designs with different embellishments and help you style even boring outfits in an interesting manner.

Keep your style quotient high while looking modest and feeling comfortable with MoiStreet. Free delivery for Kaftan and Abaya in UAE is also provided. Get modern and latest Abaya designs and designer abayas at our website. Order your Abaya online at affordable rates with MoiStreet.

Top Places to go Shopping in Dubai for Abaya

Finding the right abaya store is like hitting a jackpot. With so many shopping malls both online and offline, it is hard to find that one store that fits all your needs. You are looking for shopping sites that provide niche products that cater to your specific needs.

Speaking about clothing stores specifically, there are so many to choose from local and international brands providing quality and quantity. It can be overwhelming. Which is why we have compiled a list of shopping sites in the UAE for your next shopping spree.

Shopping Places

Dar Al Kashka – Known for intricate handwork and designs Dar Al-Kashka features an array of rich and embellished flowing fabric abayas that represent the rich culture of the UAE. They combine traditional contemporary styles for the modern abayas. 

Nuna Atelier – Featuring as A-list celebs favourite Nuna Atelier has a collection of the traditional-combined-with-modern-styles abaya. One of their popular pieces being the Fouta and kaffiyeh abayas. 

Chi-KaLooking for something unique? Chi-Ka is the place to go. The perfect combination of kimono style with abaya fashion comes to live here. Beautiful and elegant you are sure to love their abaya collections.

Al-Motahajiba – Known for blending traditional gulf styles with modern ones Al-Motahajiba are a well-known fashion brand for abayas. They feature a wide range of collections suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Louzan Fashion – Elegant designs and intricate cuts are expressed through and through in the abayas of Louzan Fashion. Sophisticated and comfortable, they are stylish and will make you ready for any event.

Abaya Palace – One of the best places to shop for abayas in the UAE is of course the Abaya Palace. They have a wide range of butterfly abayas with stone studs and bell sleeves or basically whichever style of abaya you are looking for any occasion. 

Nooran Sheila and Abaya – Nooran abayas are known for their soft fabrics with stonework or embroidery. Making them a favourite for formal events and gatherings. 

Abu Hail Center – Abu Hail Center is known for selling a range of abayas, kaftans, accessories, etc. You can make your desired alterations to fit your style through the in-house tailors at Abu Hail Center. Get your bargain fix through Abu Hail Center. 

Abaya Gallery – Get exquisite abaya and headscarves at Abaya Gallery. A concoction of cultures from all across the globe with an Emirati influence, explore and get unique looks at Abaya Gallery.

Here are some of the best places to shop for abayas in the UAE. Get all your abaya needs to be met. Looking for abayas online? Come check us out at Moistreet. We have a refined collection of quality designer abayas for every occasion.

Make the most out of our customisable features and creat your look with Moistreet. Splurge from the comfort of your homes with Moistreet. Shop today. Happy shopping!

Have any questions? Drop us a comment.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

Season’s greetings fellow shoppers. With Christmas and New Year on the way there’s so much to celebrate, so much to rejoice for and of course, so much to shop for.

As the year ends, it marks the beginning of a new year and the beginning of end-of-year sales. Celebrate one of the biggest sales of the year, a festival of sales you could call. 

Dubai Shopping Festival (Maharajan Dubayy lil-tasawoq) is a month-long event organised by Dubai’s Tourism Department. This year the event returns from 17, December 2020 up to 30, January 2021 with jubilance and incredible deals to make your New Year and Christmas exciting.

Get a completely thrilling experience and a massive retail therapy through the great Dubai Shopping Festival this year. It’s time for incredible retail deals and raffles, fireworks, live entertainment and more at the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Shop from one of the greatest deals in the region from 12-hour sales to DSF Sale Season, or check out the daily surprises and family offers and so much more. Be a part of the fireworks shows, Salt Camp, Dubai Shopping Festival Drone Light Show and many many more.

With the festivities coming along the way you don’t want to miss the season’s offers on Moistreet. Shop for beautiful abaya dress on Moistreet with our winter offers. Get your favourite designer abaya and modern abayas at the most affordable price this winter. We bring you absolutely gorgeous abaya style to dress for any event.

Celebrating Christmas and New Year’s at home? No worries we have the all-you-can-dress abaya designs that’ll fit your festive spirit. Dress to fit your DSF spirit as well and the coming Christmas and New Year’s.

Gift your loved ones with any item of your choice from our store or buy abaya online. Get your new year and Christmas abaya for women from Moistreet, all with our end-of-the-year offers. ‘Tis the season to splurge shoppers!

The ending of another year is a significant change as we look back at the year gone by with the bitter-sweet memories made and the big changes that came about our lives.

As we come together to cherish all these moments made with our friends and loved ones, give your dear ones some tender, love and care from our latest abaya designs collections at Moistreet.


Clothing has been one of the biggest catalysts that have been a part of many cultures. They represent a culture and their customs. A country can be recognised through their clothes. Women in Saudi Arabia have seen the classic black abaya throughout the years. But over the years this traditional attire of middle eastern women has evolved to various new abaya style and cuts to bring about variety. Now, one has various shades, fabric, materials, style, cuts to choose from. From everyday wear to party and gathering events. What are the reforms that brought about these changes? Well, it was not just one but copious efforts put in by numerous people to bring a new era of abaya fashion to glorify the modest and beautiful essence of the abaya.

The timeline of abaya designs and fashion has seen great changes throughout history. Women in the early days embellished their abayas according to the occasion. There wasn’t much to the abayas worn regularly; the only variety was in colours. Come recent times, abaya dress have explored different categories such as dress-like abayas, open abayas, kaftans, etc. The short abayas are common amongst working women for their length and how easy it is to manage without getting caught in chairs or desks. It is not just the general public that is enjoying the flexibility of the modern abayas but designers have a larger canvas to express their art of abaya-making. The farwa for instance has become a staple match for the abaya during winter days. Designers are combining various contemporary and traditional arts to add an element of surprise and excellence to modern abayas. This change encourages young designers to tap into the potential of the abaya and how this elegant attire can be further beautified. A lot of women have also been inspired to wear the now modern abayas. Themed abayas, gown-like abayas, varied silhouette abayas in 2020 there’s an abaya for every occasion. Designer abaya are a favourite everywhere we go. Latest abaya designs keep pouring leaving the buyer in awe of which to choose. With the current market, you can purchase your abaya online or from stores. Abayas in Dubai are pretty common among women because of their style and overall aesthetics. 

As one of the largest consumers in the market, our fashion industry is starting to flourish with the new changes. Programs such as Fashion Commission and national scholarships are being funded to encourage local talents to tap into the booming industry of Saudi fashion. This evolution in fashion is not just reform but a grand move of empowerment and freedom for women. It allows women to explore what they like and feel comfortable in. The ever-present modesty of the abaya remains intact and remains a part of the modern abayas. Abaya for women is a part of our history and will continue to do so. Encouraging women to bring about change through not just certain rights but clothes is a path to empowerment

Rules for Buying Abaya in Winter

How to Shop Abaya in Winter?

With winter knocking at the doors, we not only welcome the season and its festivities but the style that comes with its arrival. Abaya suited for the summer warmth won’t work its charm come winter. What are the rules for buying abayas in winter you ask? Ladies stocking up on the latest abaya designs and style here’s a guide to choosing the right abaya to complement your winter spirit.

The key ingredients in choosing the right abaya for the cold season are:

1. Fabric Material

Modern abayas come in a plethora of materials. Taking the right pick for you can be tough when there’s so much to choose from. Followed by complementing the silhouette of the abaya with the right accessory, you have a lot in your hand. One of the ideal fabric material for a winter abaya style is velvet. The richness of the velvet amplifies the look you’re going for while being quite efficient and durable simultaneously. You can take your pick from designer abaya as per choices. Cashmere and tweed abayas are one of the top choices for the winter season as it conserves the heat while being fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. Apart from the mentioned, wool, corduroy, velour, denim makes suitable materials for a winter abaya as well. As the rule of thumb of fashion states, always wear what you want. Comfort comes first, if the fabric doesn’t sit right you can always change and see what feels and looks best for you and on you.

2. Silhouette of the abaya

Different seasons call for different cuts and silhouettes in an abaya for women. Open styled abayas for breezy warm summer days sure won’t be the right choice for the harsh cold of the winter. Open abayas while largely popular amongst women in the UK, don’t share the same audience for abaya in UAE. The sheer style of Dubai abayas is distinct from that of other abayas. What makes it one of the favorites is its style; minimalist and elegant. Soft yet bold. Providing an array of silhouettes, lengthy abayas for the winter is the right pick. A-line silhouettes are another thing to keep in mind as it allows you to layer your abaya fantastically, as per your taste. Match it up with a pair palazzo or trousers to keep you warm.

3. Color of the abaya

Like fabric and silhouette, color is a key ingredient in styling your abaya for any season. It’s a recipe for the ultimate look that you can garnish with accessories. Darker hues and tones are best suited for abayas in winter. You can never go wrong with the classic black abaya, as the look of a black abaya suggests great panache. Not only that complement the color of your abaya with your skin tone to make the most of your look. Play with the colors to find out what’s best for you.

Make the most of every season. Fashion knows no bounds. So, fit your wear to what they season may entail. Don’t let the cold of the winter stop you.

Abaya, a symbol of modesty and true devotion, has evolved over the years to become prominent in Islamic culture. But have you ever wondered how the concept of abaya transcended to Arabian countries? The history of the Abaya dress goes back 4000 years ago. The attire of lose hanging was normally worn by women to cover themselves. To say the least, the traditional concept of an abaya dress was not as extravagant as we see in the latest abaya designs of today. It was black in color with a loose fit, that was only meant to guard a woman’s chastity.

Do you know that in the pre-Islamic era, the women who were dressed in black robes were considered of high-class status? Abayas were connoted to luxury that was only enjoyed by a few high society women belonging from noble families. It is imperative to see how Islam has treated all women across different class as equals. Rejecting the idea of class supremacy, abayas are now worn by women coming from different social statuses.

Since then, this abaya dress has evolved across the world and gained a fashionable reputation of its own. Traditional abaya for women were mere black fabric draped from shoulder to head. Today, abayas are much more than just a covering garment. Designer abaya have seen an exponential rise under women’s fashion. Where once Arab and UAE were seen as non-fashionable countries, designer abayas are now known to be the ultimate fashion symbol.

A UAE designer abaya does not merely portray fashion, it speaks volumes about a woman’s identity. The Abaya industry in the UAE has given women the choice to practice their own individuality and show the world what they truly stand for. Women in the UAE are opting for more vibrant colors and unique designs for abaya online. Meanwhile, the timelessness of the black abaya dress doesn’t seem to go away.

Muslim Abayas have become a style statement for any modern Muslim woman who loves experimenting with colors, designs, and patterns. The market for modern abayas is rapidly gaining pace among the mainstream clothing business. Just to name a few, Dubai style designer abayas have seen many variations from a kaftan to open abayas for women. All these abaya designs can be easily purchased from online stores.

It wouldn’t be wrong of us to say that Abaya, the national dress of UAE, has over the years seen some sweeping yet fashionable changes of all time.

How to Layer Jewelry with Abaya?We are here to answer the most asked question! “How to layer your jewelry on abayas?”

If you have run out of ways to style your jewelry on abaya, we are here to the rescue! Here’s your chance to finally get your jewelry out of the closet with these few simple yet elegant tips and tricks. So without further ado, let’s make jewelry on abaya online a stylish concept for you all!

1. Long-Chain Necklaces

Lately, long-chain neck pieces have reigned as the best go-to jewelry for any outfit. The abayas online are no exception! Layering necklaces on designer abaya is the new way to make a statement with your jewelry. From layers and layers of chains to a dainty set of gold coin chains, long chains are easy to catch eyes and seems like a practical solution for wearing jewelry without having to let go of your modesty in an abaya.

It is best to complement your long-chain necklace with this deep neckline abaya to add extra quirkiness to the entire look.

2. Headbands

Headbands are exactly what was missing from your jewelry collection. Well, not anymore! Hijabis are making a strong style statement by layering headbands for extra aesthetics. From being one of the most understated jewelry to becoming everyone’s favorite modern abaya accessory for women, headbands are adding that perfect edge to every woman’s veil. So don’t think twice before undoing the traditional idea of wearing headbands only at weddings.

Style your headband with this embellished caftan abaya to become the style diva of every evening!




American Linen

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL





XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Navy Kaftan


3. Brooches

Add a twist to your look by pinning a brooch anywhere on your abaya. Do what it takes to look different among the crowd by wearing all kinds of brooches from head to toe. With plain and simple looking abaya design, brooches are our favorite jewelry inspired to look for this season! They come in all designs and can be worn differently for different occasions. You can also use your earrings as a brooch to be more creative with your modern designer abaya.

Go for a plain single color designer abaya like this one to embed your brooch and make it a standout piece on your entire apparel.

4. Long Finger Rings

Thinking of giving up your long finger rings? Think again! A maxima list touch to your minimalist outfit, long finger rings on an abaya debunks the old myth of “too much accessory”. These rings are edgy, not only for special occasions but also for any outing that you are planning next. Don’t forget to pair them up with creative nail art to look extra sleek and classy.

Flaunt your finger rings with extra hand details with these umbrella sleeves designer abaya!

5. Watches

Taking the accessory game to the next level, watches are being adored for their timeless look on designer abayas. You can style your wrist with exciting designs flourishing the Dubai stores to look sophisticated yet modern. Watches are coming with chunky chain bands and diamond-studded bracelets so watch out for the perfect handpiece that suits your style.

For styling watches, look out for abayas that give you a modern and sophisticated look like this one!

Was this helpful? Shop abayas online and tell us in the comment section below!

If Abaya was worn according to your favorite places in DubaiDesigner Abaya in Dubai

Gear up ladies! It’s time to take a quick look at the modern abayas that are stealing the limelight at our favorite places in Dubai. Take inspiration from us to buy designer abaya in Dubai online and create a stylish look for these abaya fashion destinations.

1. The Dubai Mall Kinda AbayaGet the latest design abaya from Moistreet

Order casual abayas online to pump up the shopper in you. Ladies are rocking shopping festivals at Dubai Mall by carrying a casual look with these designer abayas that are both timeless and effortless. Casual modern abayas online are coming in a variety of designs that give a great chance for you to communicate your style in public.


Blue, Brown, Maroon, White

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

2. Burj Khalifa Kinda Abaya

The tallest building in the world has been on the forefront for modern abaya fashion. Matching the unique architecture of Burj Khalifa, you can buy designer abayas online that are latest and trendy. To name a few, the latest addition to modern abaya fashion like trench coat style abayas, evening abayas, formal abayas and everything “unique” is reserved for this Dubai’s wonder.



Beige, Black


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

3. Palm Jumeirah Kinda Abaya

The Palm Jumeirah island is famous for its glitzy lifestyle. To maintain this razzle-dazzle, embroidered and embellished modern abayas can be your go-to outfit. Strike those global hotels and restaurants with the brilliance of hand work embroidery that matches the whole vibe of Palm Jumeirah. So pick out your heavy pieces and keep dazzling.

palm jumeriah



Harir Maqsood

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

4. Dubai Marina kinda Abaya

Get ready for the most talked about Dubai Marina Walk with open abaya in dubai. Channeling your inner showstopper with open abayas, marina walks can be turned into that fashion walk you watched in one of Dior shows last week. Modern style open abayas in Dubai Marina can become the liveliest clothing option for ladies to set the mood right.





XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

5. Grand Mosque Kinda Abaya

Keeping the Islamic tradition alive, modest long cape abayas are best suited for a place like the Grand Mosque in Dubai and other beautiful mosques across UAE. Unlike other places, these traditional abayas can be worn in a holy place and bodes well with the spiritual vibe of the mosque. Ladies usually prefer to wear black designer abaya pieces to mosques but you can also wear neutral lite shades to express your sincere devotion to the almighty.

grand mosque




XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

So the next time you visit these places, make sure to recreate your outfit with these updates and tell us what you think in the comment section below!

Top 5 Color Abayas that are trending in Summer 2020Our top five colors in abayas that are making the streets turn breezy

Taking a break from the all black abaya fashion, it’s now to be more colorful and trendy. The emerging fashion update in buying abaya apparel has left ladies feeling absolutely stunning. But choosing the right color for the right weather can be extremely daunting. Worry not, ladies! We are here to take you through our top five colors in abayas that are making the streets turn breezy in this hot summer weather. Buy abayas that are just in time to give you the right hues for Summer 2020.

1. Blue Hues

A wonderfully cool vibe for summer, sky blue, or lite shades of blue colored abayas are a big yes yes! Playing this summer with shades of blue can be an effortless choice that brings the feeling of airy, open skies into your look. The blue shades of abaya evoke calmness and are all set to become a stylish addition to your summer wardrobe. Much like the other shades, sky blue abayas should be your standout piece this summer.

2. Neutrals

Giving the right amount of radiance in the sun, neutral colors like beige, grey, or white have made one of the best sales this season. These abaya shades give a serene feel that works great with that bright summer sunlight. Order abaya online that are neutrally colored and wear them as ideal undertone pieces for the long summer days ahead!

3. Light Greens

Green might just be the new black! A vibrant yet calm shade of green can lift your spirit like nothing else. Green color abayas will add liveliness and freshness to your summer look. Not only that, but the shades are also perfect summertime hues for their tropical feel and flowering effect. Buy abaya online and build your wardrobe around green abayas to give your style an effortless touch.

4. Florals

Florals are making way for the prettiest summertime look and for all the right reasons! One of the best buys this season, floral colored modern abayas are known for their versatility. But to make it a hit this summer, these colors are also perfect for evening affairs when they come in textured fabrics, such as silk, crepe, or linen.

5. White

It wouldn’t be summer without the right dose of white. That’s right! White abayas are stealing the limelight for being the most simple yet elegant outfit for summer. Follow the latest trend of going all white to get yourself in a warm-weather mood and buy abayas to pair it with contrast scarfs to give your style an original yet classy touch.

Why should anyone go for Moistreet & nowhere else for Abaya ?Moistreet brings you a diverse range of latest modern Abayas online at best prices.

Abaya is of great importance in the culture of Dubai. Earlier Abaya for women was just a black piece of cloth but with the changes in lifestyle over the period of time Abaya has also become a fashion statement. Its not only a mere piece of cloth but it styles you and adds glory to your persona.

Although Dubai has a vast market to buy Abayas but there are several challenges which makes it difficult to bring in the style quotient in your Abaya such as :

  • Poor Fabric Quality due to Bulk Orders and Traditional Designs
  • Non Availability of Size Options and Customization
  • Difficulties in Returning a Product
  • Over Pricing

After understanding the challenges, requirements and choices of twentieth century women, Moistreet which was just manufacturer and whole seller stepped into retail industry also through their online store which fulfils all the needs of today’s working and style conscious women. Take a look

Moistreet is on its way to take a lead in designer Abaya markets in Dubai by its increasing brand share. Now abaya online shoping in UAE and Dubai has become more convenient after emergence of Moistreet and there is no single reason behind this ,there are several factors which I am going to tell you.

The first most important thing is the superb quality with trending and unique designs. Fabric used in the Abayas is exclusive whether it would be crepe ,satin or chiffon. Excellent quality with discrete and pleasing designs make the Abayas look exceptional.

What is major challenge that a working women face in shopping?

Yess! You are right, That’s “SHORTAGE OF TIME”. If you are going for shopping physically then you have to spare time to reach market after facing traffic congestion , then you need to explore couple of shops to get the best for you, you have to try many of them whether they fit you or not and if they don’t then either you have to sacrifice the product or wait until it gets altered and revisit to collect it again. And if by any chance after getting the product home you find any fault or you change your mind, then again you have to go through different conditions and going to the shop again will be more taxing. So, Online shopping is more preferable for working women if they get the excellent quality and wide ranging products with hassle free return policies and available size and customisation options.

How Moistreet has made shopping easy for Women?Moistreet brings you the exquisite collection of Abayas to shop for all the women

MOiSTREET not only provide style and quality but also proper size options including plus size abaya and abayas dresses also and you can also get the Abaya customised as per your requirement. You just need to write comments on the website or app for the changes required and our skilled designers will get the required changes done and the product will be delivered at the scheduled time. This is the best Abaya online boutique where you can get your designer abaya online without facing any truble

Easy return policy is also one of the requisites for a good platform to buy the best & here also MOiSTREET wins the race.
Gone are the days when you needed to pay a hefty amount for buying a good product!! Now you can enjoy wearing the best at the modest price.

MOiSTREET has its own production units equipped with latest technology and machineries and the most important seasoned and highly proficient team. Due to which production is being done in a cost effective way which in result affects the overall costing of the product.

So, in short if you want to order abaya online then this is the best Abaya online boutique where you can get your designer abaya online without facing any truble.

If loving fashion is a crime, we plead guilty.’ To all the Muslim fashionistas out there who have been wearing an abaya since a long time, do you think your abaya becomes a hindrance to your fashion sense at times because you just cannot pull it off no matter what you try? Well, then you’ve come across the right place because we believe that you don’t change to fit the fashion, you change the fashion to fit you.

Check out these tips while selecting your abayas because life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be. In this article, you’ll find out how to buy your abaya & from where you can buy the abayas. Take a look.

But what’s an Abaya?

An abaya is a long, full sleeves gown which is worn by Muslim women around the world. It is mostly donned by women residing in the Middle East. Teaming it up with a veil, normally a hijab or a niqab radiates grace and gives a splendorous look.

How to choose your abaya?

1. Body Type

It’s not only the size that counts but your body type too. So whenever you plan to buy an abaya for yourself, always go for a piece that is neither too skinny nor too oversized. Balance is the key, you see.

Besides, the colours that you pick should always and always suit your skin complexion. You may like a coloured abaya or a fancy abaya but keeping your complexion in mind before going for it won’t hurt. For example, not everyone can rock a deep purple shade or a tangy orange one. Agree? To avoid a perplexity in a hurried situation, you can always go for a black abaya dress as the colour never discriminates between skin tones.

2. Taking the Fabric into account

Since we know how much the fabric matters while selecting a dress, there are few things which are to be kept in mind. First of all, the fabric should be comfortable for your skin type. A fabric that doesn’t suit your skin will probably end up giving you rashes and skin irritation. Moreover, the fabric contributes to enhancing the aura of your abaya.

So always opt for a comfy, stylish abaya that has the finest fabric according to your skin type preference. Also, make sure that the fabric of your abaya is breathable enough so that it does not have you fanning yourself every few minutes.

3. Season-ing your Abaya

At times it’s not you but the weather that gets to decide what’s going to be your outfit for the day. Well, a light, pastel-shaded cotton abaya or any summer abaya works just fine on a hot sunny day whereas a darker & thicker abaya is perfect if it’s raining outside.

Preferably, choose a shorter abaya if you don’t want the hem of your abaya floating in the muddy, rainy water. In case of cold weather, ensure that your abaya is thick enough to shield you from the cold.

Where to buy your abaya from?

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