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If Abaya was worn according to your favorite places in DubaiDesigner Abaya in Dubai

Gear up ladies! It’s time to take a quick look at the modern abayas that are stealing the limelight at our favorite places in Dubai. Take inspiration from us to buy designer abaya in Dubai online and create a stylish look for these abaya fashion destinations.

1. The Dubai Mall Kinda AbayaGet the latest design abaya from Moistreet

Order casual abayas online to pump up the shopper in you. Ladies are rocking shopping festivals at Dubai Mall by carrying a casual look with these designer abayas that are both timeless and effortless. Casual modern abayas online are coming in a variety of designs that give a great chance for you to communicate your style in public.


Blue, Brown, Maroon, White

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

2. Burj Khalifa Kinda Abaya

The tallest building in the world has been on the forefront for modern abaya fashion. Matching the unique architecture of Burj Khalifa, you can buy designer abayas online that are latest and trendy. To name a few, the latest addition to modern abaya fashion like trench coat style abayas, evening abayas, formal abayas and everything “unique” is reserved for this Dubai’s wonder.



Beige, Black


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Colorblock Farasha Abaya

95.04$ 75.98$

3. Palm Jumeirah Kinda Abaya

The Palm Jumeirah island is famous for its glitzy lifestyle. To maintain this razzle-dazzle, embroidered and embellished modern abayas can be your go-to outfit. Strike those global hotels and restaurants with the brilliance of hand work embroidery that matches the whole vibe of Palm Jumeirah. So pick out your heavy pieces and keep dazzling.

palm jumeriah



Harir Maqsood

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

4. Dubai Marina kinda Abaya

Get ready for the most talked about Dubai Marina Walk with open abaya in dubai. Channeling your inner showstopper with open abayas, marina walks can be turned into that fashion walk you watched in one of Dior shows last week. Modern style open abayas in Dubai Marina can become the liveliest clothing option for ladies to set the mood right.





XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

5. Grand Mosque Kinda Abaya

Keeping the Islamic tradition alive, modest long cape abayas are best suited for a place like the Grand Mosque in Dubai and other beautiful mosques across UAE. Unlike other places, these traditional abayas can be worn in a holy place and bodes well with the spiritual vibe of the mosque. Ladies usually prefer to wear black designer abaya pieces to mosques but you can also wear neutral lite shades to express your sincere devotion to the almighty.

grand mosque




XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

So the next time you visit these places, make sure to recreate your outfit with these updates and tell us what you think in the comment section below!

Top 5 Color Abayas that are trending in Summer 2020Our top five colors in abayas that are making the streets turn breezy

Taking a break from the all black abaya fashion, it’s now to be more colorful and trendy. The emerging fashion update in buying abaya apparel has left ladies feeling absolutely stunning. But choosing the right color for the right weather can be extremely daunting. Worry not, ladies! We are here to take you through our top five colors in abayas that are making the streets turn breezy in this hot summer weather. Buy abayas that are just in time to give you the right hues for Summer 2020.

1. Blue Hues

A wonderfully cool vibe for summer, sky blue, or lite shades of blue colored abayas are a big yes yes! Playing this summer with shades of blue can be an effortless choice that brings the feeling of airy, open skies into your look. The blue shades of abaya evoke calmness and are all set to become a stylish addition to your summer wardrobe. Much like the other shades, sky blue abayas should be your standout piece this summer.

2. Neutrals

Giving the right amount of radiance in the sun, neutral colors like beige, grey, or white have made one of the best sales this season. These abaya shades give a serene feel that works great with that bright summer sunlight. Order abaya online that are neutrally colored and wear them as ideal undertone pieces for the long summer days ahead!

3. Light Greens

Green might just be the new black! A vibrant yet calm shade of green can lift your spirit like nothing else. Green color abayas will add liveliness and freshness to your summer look. Not only that, but the shades are also perfect summertime hues for their tropical feel and flowering effect. Buy abaya online and build your wardrobe around green abayas to give your style an effortless touch.

4. Florals

Florals are making way for the prettiest summertime look and for all the right reasons! One of the best buys this season, floral colored modern abayas are known for their versatility. But to make it a hit this summer, these colors are also perfect for evening affairs when they come in textured fabrics, such as silk, crepe, or linen.

5. White

It wouldn’t be summer without the right dose of white. That’s right! White abayas are stealing the limelight for being the most simple yet elegant outfit for summer. Follow the latest trend of going all white to get yourself in a warm-weather mood and buy abayas to pair it with contrast scarfs to give your style an original yet classy touch.