5 ways to work the grey color palette

Summers are here and so are summer trends. The Grey color palette is trending a lot. When talking about looking stylish while looking modest, nothing comes to mind before an abaya or a kaftan. Being a neutral color, grey is preferred a lot as it looks amazing on all ages and even all the skin tones.

Grey color gives a simplistic look to the outfit which is desired by many in this “less is more” world. We have selected a few abayas that will help you in working out the grey color palette and make every head turn at the places you go to-

1. Light grey abaya with hand embroidery

The light grey abaya with hand embroidery is one of the most subtle and stylish abayas. The hand-embroidery is easily visible and looks amazing. It gives a very elegant and sophisticated look. It is made of 10 G fabric which makes it lightweight and easy to wear and carry as it is extremely airy. This abaya has an eye catching design. It can be worn at special occasions where you don’t want to overdress but still stand out.

2. Grey Shamoua Abaya with Front Pockets and Pleated Trimmings with Under Dress & Sheila

This grey abaya is decent and simple and comes with an underdress and sheila. It is ideal for being used at various occasions as it is simple yet gives a stunning look.

It is made up of Shamoua fabric that is linen like. It is light to carry and is ideal for the summer season. The fabric is breathable, airy and extremely comfortable.The pockets enhance the look of this outfit and makes it look beautiful.

3. Grey Linen abaya

This grey abaya is decent and simple along with some prints. It is ideal for being used at various occasions. The fabric used is linen fabric which is light to carry and is ideal for the summer season. This is also airy and extremely comfortable to wear. It can be worn on various occasions because of the print which makes it stand out.

4. Grey abaya set

This abaya set is grey in color and is therefore soothing. It is accompanied by an under dress and sheila. This set has full sleeves and is simple as well as sober. It looks decent.

It covers one completely from shoulders to ankles. It is made up of polyester and elastane and is therefore wrinkle proof and light. It is easy to handle and looks extremely gorgeous on the person wearing it.

5. Grey Abaya with Exotic Hand Embroidery

This grey abaya looks extremely elegant and sober. It is easily noticeable and looks beautiful as well. It is the right outfit to make you stand out from the crowd. It has hand embroidery in blue and yellow color which adds to the look of this abaya and makes it different from other abayas.

It is the go to set for people who want to look different and stand out. It is made up of satin fabric which gives a luxurious look and royal feel to the wearer.

It is also extremely soft on the skin and is ideal to be worn for a long time as the fabric is breathable.These are a few grey abayas that will make you stand out of the crowd and look stunning. These will help you get the jaw dropping look that you desire.

It has become a part of life to follow the trends. There are many people who do not feel comfortable in certain colors. Even though grey is a neutral shade, it is still not everyone’s preference. It is extremely important to take care of one’s personal preference in order to stay confident and comfortable at every place and occasion. Confidence in your outfit is what makes you stand out and look attractive.

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